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Low-Sugar "Brown Sugar" (S1I1)

(Picture of recipe) Welcome to the Diabetic-Friendly Kitchen! In this quick ingredient video, we demonstrate how to make a low-sugar replacement for the brown sugar and light brown sugar commonly used in baking. This approach reduces the sugar content dramatically by replacing the sugar with xylitol, which results in 8-12g of sugar per cup, versus regular brown sugar at a whopping 200+g of sugar per cup. Reduce your sugar content considerably without sacrificing flavor.

Estimated Prep Time: 5 minutes Estimated Cooking Time: none


Nutritional Information: This recipe creates a replacement for light-brown/brown sugar with 8-12g of sugar per cup. (Note: This information is approximate, and based on our implementation of the recipe - your results may vary!)



1c xylitol
1-1/2 tbsp molasses (for light brown sugar - for regular, add 1 tbsp)


The Process

1. In a medium bowl, mix everything until the color is consistent and the mixture has no lumps. That's it!


The Video